Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Reprint Coming Soon

Bula is selling better than expected and will be reprinted soon with an additional new chapter.


  1. Hey Bryan - We loved the book!! We were on the island last week (from Wisconsin) and bought it while on your sunset cruise (and we got caught in the rain with you - the last 2 off the boat!!) Really enjoyed it and kudos to you for living your dream!!! And not sleeping with one of the topless girls even though it had been a long time...unless you didn't tell the whole truth!! Good luck in your next venture and hope to see you again on the island as we are hoping to return every year for some r & r. Your northern friends, Carrie & Eric .Peace.

  2. Carrie & Eric, I'm glad you enjoyed the book. Thanks for all the kind words. See you two next time on the boat.

  3. Bryan,

    A mutual friend Mike brought your book over to Japan with him after visiting you over X-mas. I couldn’t put it down and was laughing at the adventures and the many alternativr definitions of certain words. Besides that you had a freaking blast and had balls of steel to make that trip!!! I was wondering if you ever wrote anything about your Everest adventure? Keep living the dream Eddie