Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I need to have feedback to help me with my next reprint. Any typos or comments whether good or bad are a great help. Thanks


  1. Bryan

    Presently enjoying your book - purchased at B Dang and it is an excellent read. That's great you are into a reprint already, congrats on that!

    I do have a couple of comments that you might find useful for your reprint. I love that you included pictures tho yours is the only one not ID'd so it leaves some sense of not being sure which picture is you.

    It would be really nice to have a forward in the book where you could talk a little about yourself as a writer...when you decided to do the book project and also whether you kept journals on your trip, etc. A little background on your past writing etc.

    Why not have a post-script as well that finishes out any details and hints about what book will come next?

    Did you know the Surftones Band will be coming to play Rincon in February at the Lazy Parrot? Why not be there and do a mini-reading between sets? While it doesn't promote itself as such, Bula is also the story of a surfer catching some awesome waves in the middle of nowhere. I can connect you to the Band if you want to pursue that idea.

    You know, I didn't find any typos as yet and I have to say that is a really big accomplishment in my view. There was one place where I just couldn't grasp what you were saying and will try to find it for you. My point is that I find your book to be really quite well written. I really enjoy the crazy vocabulary and even more the bottom page definitions. You have a great sense of humor.

    Final request: Picture of Misty.

    Looking forward to reprint and new chapter - I may have to buy this again!

    All the best

  2. My husband and I did the snorkel cruise yesterday and grabbed a copy of the book from you. I read it today (yes, got absorbed and read it cover to cover on the beach in one sitting!) on our last day in PR and I'll say that it was a great way to end our vacation. Thoroughly enjoyed reading the adventures you had and all of the stories you had to tell, while also being tremendously inspired by the leap of faith you made (and risks you took) with your life. Clearly it was the best decision for you and it's admiral; definitely not something many could do (although perhaps there's a bit more tame version that could work for us)!

    As for edits...a couple things I did note:

    -one page toward the beginning you say "dinner" when I think you meant diner. Not sure on page # but you could search for it.
    -on page 255 you say frig but I think it should be fridge (short for refrigerator). Otherwise I didn't catch anything!

    Great work and congrats on the accomplishment of publishing and getting your story out there to share and inspire others.

    Thanks again for the great cruise and read - it was definitely a highlight of our trip.

    ~Heidi & Marc